Teener League Dedication

In Memory of Joseph M. Krinock

In honor of Mr. Joseph Krinock we encourage you to read the words written below and spoken by his daughter Anne at the on field dedication to Joe on Saturday, June 22, at the Latrobe Derry Area Teener League field.  
   Joe unselfishly sacrificed his time and has been instrumental in the future of many young adults throughout his lifetime with his involvement in the Teener League program.  So in his honor there is now a bench bearing his name placed at the end of our first base side bleachers.
   So if you can find the time to visit stop by Joe's bench to pay your respect or take a seat and enjoy and inning or two from one of the best seats in the yard. I know Joe will appreciate the gesture will indeed be smiling down.
  Words cannot always express how lucky and honored we were to have Mr. Krinock but the ones below sure do give us a good idea of his importance, respect , dedication and love for the game. Baseball is not always about just wins and losses so please take a few minutes to read this beautifully written dedication in honor of Mr. Joseph Krinock by his daughter Anne.


   I spent so many days running around this complex as a little girl.  Whether I was a bat girl and terrorizing the players in the dugout, or running up and down the bleachers terrorizing my family members who were trying to make sure I didn’t break a leg, or running back and forth to the concession stand eating way more than my fair share of candy over the years…  I always loved coming to this field with my dad.  When he was here, a part of him came to life.  It was like a spark was lit in him.  He had so much pride in this league, in this field, and in all the players that he ever coached.

     I remember one evening after a game, I was sitting on home plate after everyone else had left the park.  It was almost dark and it was just me and my dad.  He had already put away the bases and was now dragging the infield.  I’ll never forget that view.  I remember even at that young age thinking to myself how I knew he had woken up before the sun, worked a long hard day at the steel mill, came home and grabbed a bite to eat, gave mom a kiss and gathered me to come to the field, and then put his all into his team that night. 

   My point is that my dad poured his heart into this league for, quite literally, as long as he could.  Just like all of you managers and coaches, umpires, board members and officers, and parents… all the volunteers that give of your time, and give of yourselves, to enable such a wonderful outlet for the next generation.

   I personally believe Teener League is very special.  The age range of players, alone, falls at a very pivotal point in life.  Dare I say many of the players come in as boys and girls and transition out of this league as young men and women.
   For all the young players here today…  I hope someday you realize that you have learned so much more during your time at Teener League than how to bunt or slide into 2nd base.  You are learning life lessons.  When you mess up, you don’t pout or throw your glove or kick the dirt… you pick your head up and you get over it.  You vow to yourself to make the next play that much better.  And when your teammate has an error, you don’t yell at him and bring him down…. You tell him to shrug it off, and that it’s okay. You help build up his confidence back up.  Because you’re a team, and that’s what teammates do. And when you’ve had a long day at school, and you have homework and you don’t feel like getting off the couch to go to practice… You get dressed, put on your cleats and you show up.  Not because your coaches or your parents want you to go… not even for your teammates who you’ve committed to playing alongside and work to get better with all season.  You show up for yourself.  Because holding yourself accountable is the foundation for building self-confidence and character.  And that is something that you will take with you through life.

   And for all of you “young at heart” players here today from the Old Timer’s League, that get out and enjoy the game as much now as ever… It is a testament that there really is nothing better than America’s Favorite Past Time.  You are setting such a positive example for the younger guys to look up to.

   The Joe Krinock Memorial Award means so much to me and my family.  My dad always had the most respect for his players, no matter the level or age, who gave it their all.  Not necessarily the most naturally gifted athlete, but the players who put in the extra effort.  Who showed up early to every practice, or who helped out where he could.  Maybe the player who performed every play with grit and passion or the player that lightened the mood in the dugout and keep everyone’s spirits up.  In short, the players who poured their heart into the game as much as he did.

So thank you so much to the league, the officers, to my family, and everyone who made today and this memorial award a part of my dad’s legacy.  I take so much solace in knowing that my dad will always have a seat in case he wants to drop by and catch a game at his favorite field.  Speaking on behalf of my dad, I know he would be very humbled, and so very, very proud. 

Thank you.




Thanks to all the speakers , families, friends, players and volunteers who made this happen. 

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